Nail and String Cross Art

Kristi blogs at My Weekly Habit.  Years agao, her gandpap made this huge tower of drawers for storage in his garage workshop.  When he died, the drawers were passed along to Kristi’s husband.  They were full of all kinds of nails, washers, nuts, and bolts.  For this project, Kristi tried to incorporate as many of her grandpap’s old nails as she could.

nail-drawers - Copy

The project Kristi came up with was nail and string art in the shape of a cross.  She had a piece of wood ready to use as a canvas.  After creating the shape she desired, Kristi used a piece of paper with the cross shape drawn on it in tiny dots to show herself where to place the nails.  She used three shades of blue string, layering the colors as she wove them from nail to nail.  To finish the art, she painted the word “faith” across the bottom of her board canvas.  Lovely!

nail-string-cross - Copy

Visit My Weekly Habit to learn more about this nail and string art project.


  1. Thank you for featuring my project, Beckie!

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