Gorgeous Pallet Box

“We were lucky to find this pallet dumped near a path one evening while were were out for a walk,” says Bonnie at The Pin Junkie.  “My teenage son was nice enough to haul it home for me although he made it clear he thought his mother was crazy for wanting to carry home someone’s trash.”

how to take apart a pallet

After taking the pallet apart, Bonnie selected the four best pieces of wood for the project she had in mind.  She nailed the four pieces together to form a rustic looking box.  Bonnie filled the box with autumn florals to create a beautiful centerpiece for her table.  “My son was impressed that we made something out of a pallet (maybe his mom isn’t so crazy after all) and he’s looking forward to making something else,” she laughs.

scrap wood pallet planter box

Find out more about this pallet project at The Pin Junkie.

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One thought on “Gorgeous Pallet Box

  1. Hi there, want to thank you , (as I seldom remember to do so, sorry), for the hours of entertainment you’ve given me looking at your _any_day’s projects! Every day when I open my email I’m always glad to see Knock-Off Decor’s name on the email list and it’s usually the first one I open! Since I don’t often take time to comment, I wanted to thank you once again for a super easy project to make, love the pallet box and another fairly recent kid’s art table, (IKEA hack). A neighbor recently had sod delivered and there were 3 pallets, I told him to set them by the road that someone would def pick them up, he looked at me like I was a bit addled, I tried to tell him about pallet projects and he was a bit incredulous. Well two weeks have passed and the pallets are still there leaning on the telephone pole. I took a marker and wrote ‘help yourself’ after he used it to write ‘free’ on one…….. No dice, so, tomorrow I’m going to go get them and use the wood to build some planter boxes for my pine straw covered bed in the front yard. I have big terra cotta planters there now which I’ll simply put on a ledge I’ll build inside the box, voila! no wood rot problems, even here in the FL panhandle with the salt laden air! I’ll paint them with Behr’s ‘Starless Night’ Marquee paint, dark navy like the shutters I made and recently finished. They were sort of a hack, saw a tiny photo in a magazine ad and made it my own. Wish I had a web site so I could show you how cute they turned out! Love your site, it’s even better after all these years, like fine wine, aging very well and getting better all along, thanks! All my best wishes and many thanks, keep up the great work!! A big fan, VBg, (tw)

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