From Cabinets to Cutting Boards

Jay is a woodworker who blogs at Jay’s Custom Creations.  At his day job, he was working on a kitchen remodel and the homeowners wanted him to get rid of the old cabinets.  No one responded to the ad he put on Craigslist for free cabinets, so Jay had a few cabinets on his hands.


Face frames of cabinets are generally hardwoods,” Jay explains.   “I can’t see myself throwing hardwoods away so I decided to cut them up and set the usable wood aside for a rainy day.”  After removing nails and sorting pieces by size, Jay had enough poplar wood to put together two beautiful cutting boards.  Jay points out that, like the wood he reclaimed for these cutting boards, there are lots of sources for free wood out there.  “Remember that even though pallet projects seem to be ‘in’ pallets are not the only source for reclaimed materials.”


Find out more about these cutting boards made from old cabinetry by visiting Jay’s Custom Creations.

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