French Farm Inspired Piano Bench Rescue

“My family is finally getting past the shame and embarrassment phase of me grabbing things from the trash,” laughs Mindi at My Love 2 Create.  “In fact, this bench was picked up by my oldest son–I didn’t even have to get out of the car!”


The piano bench they hauled home was sturdy and useable, but had some veneer issues.  It took some elbow grease, but Mindi was able to remove all of the veneer.  The wood underneath was in good shape, so Mindi painted the legs, stained the top, and added stained boards to the bottom of the bench to create a shelf.  She added a few stripes and a vintage French graphic stencil to the bench, in the style of French grain sacks.  Lovely!


Get all the details on this pretty piano bench makeover by visiting My Love 2 Create.

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