Chore and Behavior System Made from a Crib

I am just super, super impressed with this project that I stumbled upon at Designed By Dawn Nicole.  In need of a way to keep track of her children’s chores and rewards for good behavior, Dawn came up with something that’s pure genius.  And it all started with a rescued crib railing!


The crib railing was no longer in use at Dawn’s house, so she made it the foundation piece for an on-the-wall display of her children’s chores and rewards.  She painted the railing a pretty shade of blue.  Then the real fun began, as Dawn created her chore and rewards board, using clipboards, printables, labels, storage containers, tickets, and other tools.  The new system not only looks good, it works great, too.  And Dawn is kind enough to share the printed materials she created with the rest of us!


Visit Designed By Dawn Nicole to learn more about this awesome family organizer crafted from repurposed crib rail.

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