Candy for the Teacher

Looking for a cute gift for the teacher?  This gift made by Teryn from Vintage Romance Style was recently featured at Tatertots & Jello.  It makes use of a glass jar and other craft supplies that you might already have on hand.


Teryn used a mason jar to make this candy jar on a pedestal, but you could easily use any glass jar that has the label removed.  She recommends using school colors to paint this project if you are giving it as a back-to-school gift.  Teryn painted both the jar lid and the pedestal that it would stand on.  She glued the jar onto the pedestal, and glued a knob onto the lid, along with a bit of bling.  A tag with the name of the school mascot and a large helping of candy completes this project.


Click over to Tatertots & Jello to view the tutorial for this school spirit candy jar.


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