An Update for a Brass Pendant Light

When Chaney’s parents bough a riverfront home, this dated brass light fixture was part of the deal, she explains at May Richer Fuller Be.  Recently, Chaney has been helping them with some updates.  After studying the brass and glass pendant light, she decided that instead of replacing the fixture, she just needed to give it a makeover.


The light fixture had a lot of good things going for it.  For one thing, it worked (!), and for another, that pendant shape is actually pretty trendy.  Chaney realized that it was the finish that was causing it to show some age.  She removed the light from the sealing and dissembled it.  Then, Chaney spray painted all of the metal pieces to achieve an oil rubbed bronze finish.  It looks fantastic!


Visit May Richer Fuller Be to find out what kind of paint Chaney used to achieve the new finish.

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