Herringbone Countertop Organizer

Katie from Little House of Four came up with this project and shared it over at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  She made use of some boards and shims to get her home a little more organized.


Needing a box to keep track of all the little items that get dropped on her kitchen counter, Katie nailed together the boards to form a box with dividers.  To give it the look of old barn wood, along with a little texture and design, she used the shims to create a herringbone design on the front of the box.  Some stain completed the look of weathered wood.  What an awesome little box!


Head on over to  Elizabeth Joan Designs for instructions on making a cute catch-all for yourself.


  1. Love how Katie made this organizer! She did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks so much Beckie for featuring another one of my projects!

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