Dowdy Rug Gets an Update

Over at I Dig Pinterest, Christine had an entryway rug that was looking a bit faded and dated.  It was definitely not giving any hints about the fun decor inside her home.  So she decided to give it a makeover.

Rug Before Frog Tape Makeover

Did I just say Christine performed a rug makeover?  That’s right, it’s possible!  First, she completely covered the rug with white craft paint.  Next, she used painter’s tape to tape off a pattern that she liked.  After that, Christine simply filled in the untaped rug surface with turquoise craft paint.  When the paint dried and the tape was removed, Christine was thrilled with the results–it’s a colorful, custom rug for her front porch.

Frog Tape Textured Surface Finished Rug

Visit I Dig Pinterest to get Christine’s rug painting tips.

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