Old Porch Gets Bold New Address Sign

At her blog, Balancing Home, Megan shares, “The very first thing I said when we put an offer in on our house was, that porch needs a makeover.”  One reason the porch needed a makeover was the absence of visible address numbers.


Using a piece of wood she already had, Megan painted her house numbers in a bright red, then attached the board to the brick wall of her porch.  What an impact those bold numbers make!  Megan said even the Jimmy Johns delivery guy was impressed!


Find out how Megan painted the numbers on her sign, along with the rest of the details on her beautiful porch makeover, at Balancing Home.

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2 thoughts on “Old Porch Gets Bold New Address Sign

    1. Hi Shirley, thanks for stopping by! I’m with you, it was so hard to choose just one ‘after’ photo to feature the sign! Click over to Megan’s blog post at Balancing Home from the links in the post above to see the entire porch makeover and a side-by-side before and after of the whole porch. It’s stunning!

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