Window Framed Doilies

Over at her blog, Flimsy Pi, Karen explains that a friend gifted her with several old windows.  “When we picked them up from her house my husband thanked her for ‘feeding my habit’,” Karen laughs.  She decided to use the first window as a display for some handmade doilies, a gift from another friend. 


Before turning this window into a frame, Karen painted over the old finish.  She did a layer of black chalk paint, first, so she’d have some contrast that would show up when she distressed the finish after painting it with white milk paint.  Karen mixed up both chalk and milk paints herself, using instructions she found online.  Once the paint was dried and distressed, Karen tacked the doilies up behind the panes.  It’s a lovely way to display her friend’s handiwork!


Visit Flimsy Pi to learn more about this repurposed window.

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