Silver Spoon Recipe Holders

Heidi from Muslin & Merlot was given a set of vintage, silver-plated utensils.  “I’ve been taking them out, rubbing them with toothpaste and staring at them for almost a year, waiting for crafty inspiration,” she confesses.  “Yesterday the recipe box was sitting next to the spoons. The light bulb turned on!”


Heidi realized that it might be possible to turn those utensils into recipe holders, and she favored the spoons for the job.  She simply bent the spoons to create a shape similar to an easel for propping up her recipe cards.  To keep the recipes stable, Heidi drew a couple of lines of hot glue onto the bottom of the bowl of each spoon.  What a fun gift idea this is!


Visit Muslin & Merlot to get more details on these recipe holders made from vintage spoons.

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