Two Tone Saddle Stool Makeover

At her blog, Counting Willows, Michelle had four of these red saddle stools.  “They were everywhere for a while, and for good reason,” she points out. “They are inexpensive, don’t take up much space and you can put them just about anywhere.”


The original red finish was beginning to look a little dated as Michelle began updating the colors in her home.  She decided to give them a two tone makeover.  The first step was sanding off the old finish, all the way down to bare wood.  She applied a dark stain to the seats.  Michelle painted the legs of the stools white with chalk paint, and finished off everything with a coat of wax.  Michelle says, “ I love, love, love these stools with this makeover and I am always happy to reuse something I already had on hand – one less thing to buy, one less thing to get rid of!”


Find out more about this makeover by clicking over to Counting Willows.

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