Spindle Candlesticks (Say That 5 Times Fast!)

Laura from Finding Home is willing to admit that she has a few discreet stashes of items that she’s saving to use on future projects.  One of them would be these “Railings and spindles that were just waiting to reach their destiny as spindle and railing candlesticks,” she tells us.


To start this project, Laura used a chop saw to cut the spindles into the lengths she wanted.  She attached wood bases to each spindle, to keep them from toppling over.  She drilled a hold in the top of each spindle to make a spot for inserting candles.  Laura painted her new candlesticks a pretty shade of blue, and now they look great outside on her porch.


Visit Finding Home to view a full tutorial for these porch spindle candlesticks.


  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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