Restoring Faded Cushions on the Cheap

Sarah from Homeology was excited to update her outdoor spaces this year.  Unfortunately, an unanticipated air conditioner replacement put a big dent in her budget.  Sarah was forced to put some of her updates on the backburner and cut corners on the others.  She was able to have her gorgeous mid century modern deck chairs professionally refinished, but really didn’t want to put faded cushions on such pretty chairs.


Inspecting those faded cushions, Sarah realized that they were actually in good condition, despite the fading.  The seams and stitching were intact, and other than the issue of fading, the fabric wasn’t too worn.  She decided to experiment with spray paint to see if she could improve their appearance.  A few coats of black Rustoleum did the trick!  Don’t they look great?


Click over to Homeology to learn more about Sarah’s deck chair updates.

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