Patio Chairs Upcycled to Garden Swing Seat

Cheryl blogs at The Creative Me and My McG.  When the cushions of her garden swing seat became too damaged to use, Cheryl noticed that some patio chairs she’d saved from a neighbor’s garbage matched the swing frame and fit inside the seat area.  She joked to her husband that it was too bad they couldn’t use the chairs as seats for the swing, and he took it as a challenge!


Cheryl’s husband, “McG,” cut off the chair legs.  He drilled holes in the frame and secured the chairs with washers and screws. Once McG was done, all Cheryl had to do was replace the top cloth she’d made the year before to have her garden swing ready for another summer season!  Isn’t it nice to have a handy husband around?


Visit Cheryl at The Creative Me and My McG for all the details on how patio chairs became a seat for a garden swing!

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