A Pair of Louis Chairs Made New

When Dena from Hearts and Sharts told her realtor than a basement workshop was a must for her–since she loves refinishing furniture–her realtor was quick to offer her some of the furniture languishing in her own basement.  So….this project is courtesy Dena’s real estate agent, who passed along these Louis chairs.


The chairs were in good condition, but they’d left their sense of style a couple of decades back.  Dena painted them glossy white.  She reupholstered them in gray and white twill, but mixed up the patterns, using both traditional damask and more modern awning stripes.  Double welt piping took her reupholstery job to the next level.  Aren’t these chairs gorgeous?


Click over to Hearts and Sharts to learn more about these refabbed Louis chairs.


  1. Meg Swenson says:

    omg they look amazzzzzzzzzzing!!!

  2. Wowzers! I love those chairs!!!! I want those chairs!

  3. Tracey B says:

    Love them – absolutely beautiful makeover.

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