Look What Came Out of a Cereal Box!

Remember when it was fun to be the one to finish off a box of cereal, because that meant you got to collect the prize?  Well, cereal boxes these days don’t have prizes in them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from them.  Case in point: what Karen from Flimsy Pi created from a couple cereal boxes pulled from her neighbor’s recycling bin.


Karen started this project by taking apart the cardboard boxes and cutting them into strips.  She used her glue gun to piece the strips of cardboard together into a chain, eventually forming a starburst shape.  After spray painting the cardboard starburst white, Karen attached a mirror to the front of it and hung it on her wall.  She made a lovely starburst mirror!


Click over to Flimsy Pi to get the details on this project.

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