A Lighter, Brighter Wicker Chair

Sometimes a piece of furniture is fine as it is….other than it just doesn’t look right in the space you have for it.  That was the problem with this wicker chair in a corner of Christina’s bedroom.  “My inner battle was that the chair’s finish was pretty as-is.   It just didn’t go with the room,” she tells us on her blog, Operation Home.


Then, one day after giving the chair a thorough cleaning, Christina realized that the finish wasn’t as nice as she’d previously thought.  That realization made her more comfortable with the idea of painting the chair.  She prepped the surface with liquid deglosser, then primed and painted the wicker white.  It took a few coats of paint, but the results were completely worth it.  The chair looks refreshed and much more at home in this room than it previously did.  Mission accomplished!


Visit Operation Home to read Christina’s tips for painting wicker.

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