Curbed Mid Century Mod Dresser Rescue

You know you are a hardcore Roadkill Rescuer when you can find a way to get a curbside find home along with your five kids and your own pregnant self!  That was the case for Larissa of Prodigal Pieces when she spotted a gorgeous midcentury modern dresser up for grabs on the side of the road.


Seriously, how could she not pass by that gorgeous hunk of a dresser?  Back at home, Larissa went for a two-toned look when she refinished the dresser.  She painted the dresser box white with chalk paint, but left the original finish on the drawers.  The white backdrop for those drawers really showcases the unique dimensional shape of the drawer fronts.  Gorgeous!


Find out how Larissa got this piece home and learn more about her tips for a flawless finish at Prodigal Pieces.

RoadKill Rescue

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