Mercury Glass Bird Feeders

At Stow & Tell U, Amy was looking for a way to use some of the glass canning jars that were gathering dust on her shelves.  By combining them with some thrifted glass plates, she figured out a way to make pretty bird feeders.  Amy does caution, “I’ve labeled these bird feeders as  ‘ornamental’  since they may not pass a rigorous bird feeder enthusiast’s examination.”  


To make these pretty bird feeders, Amy gave all of the glass pieces the look of mercury glass with a painting technique that involved vinegar and silver paint.  She sprayed a number of jar lids and hardware pieces with silver spray paint, as well.  She assembled her bird feeders by gluing together the plates and jars with E6000, and layering the various lids and hardware pieces to embellish thornamental-faux-mercury-glass-bird-feederse feeders.  The result is stunning, and would make a delightful gift!

To view step-by-step instructions for assembling these bird feeders, go to Stow & Tell U.

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