Ironing Board and Mason Jar Wall Garden

I’ve officially appointed this day to be mason jar wall garden day.  Did you see this cute wall garden that I posted earlier?  Here’s another one made with a fun twist by Brenda of Unique Junktique.


Brenda found an old ironing board (similar to the one pictured above).  She didn’t need an actual ironing board, but she liked the shape and pattern of the metal on this board, so she decided to repurpose it as a wall garden.  First, she removed the legs and anything else that would keep the ironing board from lying flat against the wall.  Next, she used pipe clamps to attach mason jars onto the metal gridwork of the ironing board.  Now she can use the mason jars as floral vases or votive candle holders.  So pretty!


Click over to Unique Junktique to get more how-to’s for this project.

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6 thoughts on “Ironing Board and Mason Jar Wall Garden

  1. Love this idea! I have my Grandma’s wooden ironing board and not wanting to cover the “vintageness” of it stenciled “Laundry” on it and hung it like this in my laundry room!!

    1. Perfect, Anita! My Grandma ironed EVERYTHING, how fun it would be to display her ironing board to trigger all of those memories! Thanks for reading!

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