Egg-streme Upcycling

When Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is given a challenge, she rises to it.  For instance, when challenged by a magazine to upcycle an egg carton, she not only made something out of it, she electrified it!

egg carton

For this project, Jo-Anna actually collected nine egg cartons.  She cut out the cups that hold each egg, and sprayed them down with blue spray paint.  She made a cylindar-shaped form out of chicken wire, and attached the former egg cups to the form.  Once they were attached, she stuffed a string of small white lights into the chicken wire form, and poked each light through the center of each egg cup.  When the lights are on, it gives the lovely effect of a glowing bouquet of flowers!


Get all the details on this cool upcycling project by visiting A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

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