Adding Color to Dried Flowers

“A few weeks ago I was doing some yard work and noticed the flower pods on my crepe myrtles,” says Vidya at What’s Ur Home Story.  They had such an interesting shape, and she realized that with a little color, the pods would look like clusters of flowers.  It was worth a try!


Adding color to the dried seed pods was actually very simple.  Vidya gently dusted off the stems first.  Then, she poured different colors of craft paint out onto a paper plate.  Using a paintbrush, she gently added strokes of color to the pods with her craft paint.  She varied the shades of paint on each stalk of “flowers”, so that there would be lots of movement and dimension on her stems.  These look lovely displayed in a vase.


To view the full tutorial for this project, click over to What’s Ur Home Story.

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