Time for a Change

“My granddaughter found this side table in the neighbor’s trash,” says Deb at Lake Girl Paints.  “She loaded it up in her golf cart and brought it to my garage.”  Sounds like they are raising her right, doesn’t it?


Despite her granddaughter’s good intentions, Deb wasn’t sure even she could salvage a piece as ugly as this multi-level side table was.  Before she gave it the boot, though, Deb decided that she could use the two circular wooden table tops.  She had her husband cut off the table tops.  At that point, inspiration struck, and Deb realized that one of those circles could make a great wall clock!  She painted it, stenciled on the roman numerals, and added clock parts.  It looks great!

Large Roman Numeral Clock

Click over to Lake Girl Paints to get the details on this DIYed wall clock.

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