Reclaimed Wood Becomes a Beautiful Shelf

When Rachel was finishing her attic, she had a dilemma:  what to do with the odd space adjacent to her narrow attic stairwell?  She decided that a set of shelves would create visual interest while maintaining the open feeling the small space needed, and blogged about the project at Maison de Pax.


The wood for these shelves was free.  In fact, it came from a pile of cedar boards that Rachel and her husband found in the attic before they started finishing it.  They designed the shelves and fit all the pieces together themselves before painting most of them bright white.  The top of the bookshelf they actually stained with Rustoleum’s Kona, giving it a very dark wood tone to contrast with the whites around it.  Don’t you love the way this turned out?


Visit Maison de Pax to get more details on this shelf made from reclaimed lumber.

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