Planted in an Eggshell

Just in case this weekend’s festivities leave you with any empty eggshells, Melissa from The Happier Homemaker has a way you can reuse them.  A way that doesn’t involve compost….in case you are picky.


Seriously, folks, this is cute.  Melissa turned her empty eggshells into these sweet little planters.  She put a little soil inside the eggshells and planted them with succulents.  (Fittingly, the type of succulent she used is called “Hens & Chicks”.)  For an added dose of adorable, she displays the eggshell planters in an Easter basket.  These would make a perfect Spring centerpiece, or they could be used as favors or place cards for an Easter dinner!


Hop over to The Happier Homemaker for more details.

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