Miraculous Rescue Creates a Mid Century Modern Set

When Susan of SAF Affect saw these beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs, she was willing to plunk down cash to get them.  She paid $300 for a set of four, and felt like that was a steal.  So imagine Susan’s surprise when, just days later, she spotted two more chairs of the exact same design sitting on a curb waiting for the garbage truck.


Both chairs were in pieces, but Susan took them home anyone, knowing that if repaired, she’d have a set of six gorgeous, Mid Century Modern teak chairs.  The repairs for the broken chairs were beyond what she dared tackle herself, so Susan explains, “I had the chairs professionally repaired at a cost of $175 each, but it was absolutely worth it to have a set of six (and to keep the pair out of landfill).”  After the chairs were repaired, Susan replaced the old upholstery with new, herself.  Anyone who loves Mid Century Mod design will love hearing the story of how these chairs became a complete set.


Find out more about this chair rescue at SAF Affect.

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