Laundry Basket Full of Green

What do you do with a broken plastic laundry basket?  Well, if you are Emily from Elizabeth Joan Designs, you pull over, put it in your car, take it home, and turn it into something lovely!


When Emily first spotted this broken basket on the side of the road, she didn’t immediately think of it for her garden.  But after she’d had it in her basement for a while, inspiration struck.  Emily taped up the cracks with packing tape, then glued burlap on the inside of the basket to cover the openings.  Next, she covered the exterior with burlap as well, and tied rope around the basket into a decorative knot.  The final step was bringing the basket outside and planting a hosa in it.  You’d never guess this beautiful planter was once a laundry basket!


Click over to Elizabeth Joan Designs to learn how to make one of these.


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