Glamorous Mirror Makeover

At Mommy Is Coocoo, Amanda and her husband have been finishing up a bath renovation.  As part of the process, the large, unframed mirror over the vanity needed to come down.  The contractor was going to charge them money to remove and dispose of it, but Amanda had other plans.


Learning that it was pretty tricky to get a mirror like this off the wall without it breaking, she called in a mirror specialist.  For much less than she would have paid the contractor to dispose of it, the specialist got it safely removed in one piece.  They reinstalled the mirror with a vertical orientation on another wall.  Amanda selected some pretty trim, painted it white, and glued it around the rehung mirror to form a frame.  The mirror’s new look really adds to the elegance of her new bathroom design.


Visit Mommy is Coocoo to get more details on this revamped bathroom mirror.

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