From Trash to Gift Wrap

With a husband in the military, Susan at Organized 31 has to keep her life fairly portable.  That includes her gift wrapping station.  Recently, she figured out how to make an easy-to-move gift wrapping station from the Ikea Variera trash basket.


The Variera is perfect for this, because it’s lightweight, has a handle, and is tall enough to keep the rolls of wrapping paper upright.  She can easily move it from the closet to her table when it’s time to wrap a gift.  Susan came up with the great idea to place rolls of ribbon on straws, which she she balances across the openings in the basket for handy, easy to reach ribbon storage.  It’s a simple repurposing project that will get a lot of mileage!


Find out more about this portable gift wrapping station from Organized 31.

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