Garden Hose Wreath for Spring

A friend of mine moved from a home with no sprinkler system in the yard to a home with a sprinkler system.  Guess what she had a lot of?  Hoses that she didn’t need to use, anymore!  For anyone else in that boat, here’s a fun way to reuse hoses you don’t need anymore that comes from Jill at Create. Craft. Love.


Jill had spotted a few garden hose wreaths online when she decided to make her own.  She bought a hose to use for her wreath, but like I said, you could reuse an uneeded or leaky hose for this project.  After coiling up the hose, Jill added some cute springtime embellishments:  flowers, garden gloves, and a bow.  It’s the perfect way to say hello to spring!


Visit Create. Craft. Love. to see Jill’s tutorial for this hose wreath.

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