Abandoned Dresser to Gorgeous Kitchen Island

When Stacey of Addison Meadows Lane first spotted this dresser, it had been abandoned on the roadside near her house.  It was huge!  Stacey hauled it home, knowing it had potential to become the kitchen island she’d always wanted.


After cleaning the whole thing with a good de-greaser, Stacey painted the dresser.  A couple of paint color cover-ups resulted in a color combo that she hated….until she started sanding away at the new finish so she could start over.  Sanding revealed a worn, layered paint look that Stacey fell in love with–no more repainting!  The backside of the dresser was only covered with backer board, so she created neat basket effect with wooden shims to cover that.  Stained wood tops the dresser, creating a fully functional kitchen island.


There are so many more fun details about this dresser turned island that you can find at Addison Meadows Lane.

RoadKill Rescue

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Dresser to Gorgeous Kitchen Island

    1. The basket weave shims are totally amazing. Click over on the link provided to see lots of great pictures of this project.

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