“Om” Your Way Through Doing the Dishes

When Amber from The Queen and Her Court was looking for a floor mat for her kitchen, she had a lightbulb moment:  yogo mats are the same size as the kitchen mat she needed to go in front of her sink!  It just so happened that Amber had a yoga mat at home, so she decided to save some money and DIY what she wanted.


Amber’s yoga mat was purple (like the oneabove), but that wasn’t the color she uses to decorate her kitchen.  Instead, she painted over the purple mat.  Taping it off to create a pattern of wide stripes, she painted the rug navy and white.  Amber’s former yoga mat is now the perfect size and color to serve as a kitchen mat.  Bonus feature:  if she needs to sneak in a few “ommms” to get through a load of dishes, she can, now!


Visit The Queen and Her Court to get more information on this repurposed yoga mat.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!!!

  2. Great idea! I have a yoga mat that hasn’t seen the light of day for awhile now- hmmm- I mean, ohmmmm. :)

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