How to Avoid Seven Years of Bad Luck (Mirror Repair!)

“We haven’t had a move yet where we didn’t lose numerous items that were broken beyond repair during the move,” says Courtney at A Diamond in the Stuff.  In her most recent move, one of the casualties was this full length mirror.  Luckily, the glass didin’t break, just the cheap, plastic frame around it.


Instead of throwing this mirror out, Courtney decided to give it a second chance.  She had some 1×6 boards in the garage, leftover from another project.  They were just a little longer than the mirror, so she nailed them together and stained them to a dark ebony.  Courtney replaced the broken plastic frame around the with new wood trim, which she painted white.  The mirror is now attached to the stained boards, for a beautiful layered look.


Visit A Diamond in the Stuff to get more details on this revitalized mirror makeover.

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