Vintage Suitcase Refabbed

Rhonda from Craft Dictator has had this vintage suitcase sitting in her house for months.  She planned to use it for office storage, but had never opened it.  When she finally did open the little suitcase it was not full of money.  To the contrary, it was actually pretty nasty inside!


Before she could use it for storage, Rhonda had to deal with that shabby interior.  To do so, she pulled out two of her favorite craft supplies:  Mod Podge and old maps.  She carefully decoupaged the maps onto the inside of the suitcase to form a colorful lining.  The refurbished suitcase looked so festive that she added a banner; before she uses it for storage, Rhonda plans to use it for party decor!


Click over to Craft Dictator to find out more about this vintage suitcase rescue.

RoadKill Rescue

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