Spool to a Stool Makeover

“I’ve waiting to get my hands on industrial wooden spool for a while and I never thought I was going to find one, says Loren at Pandora’s Craft Box.  “Until one day on my way to get my hubby at work and a saw it!”


Loren had just the idea for how she was going to use the spool.  After a lot of measuring and cutting, Loren and her husband had made dividers to fit in between the two ends of the spool to form bookshelves.  They added caster wheels to the bottom of the spool, and stained the wood a dark walnut brown.  The finishing touch was to upholster the top of the spool with a fun fabric.  What a perfect spot to enjoy a good book!


Visit Pandora’s Craft Box to find out how to make a spool bookshelf stool like this one.

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