Another Use for Spindles

At Thrifty Treasures, Sara has an idea for using extra spindles.  If you’ve been saving spindles from old furniture, or have access to them from architectural salvage, this is a rescue that will interest you.


For this project, Sara sandwiches a spindle between a sturdy base and a decorative top.  This forms a sturdy stand, which Sara paints.  Next, she attaches small metal buckets to the spindle, using metallic one-hole straps from the hardware store.  She’s made a variety of these stands with buckets hanging from them, in different colors.  Sara suggests using them for things like an indoor herb garden, flowers, succulents, organizing q-tips, makeup brushes, crayons, or office supplies.


Find out more about this rescue by visiting Thrifty Treasures.

RoadKill Rescue

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