Desk on the Road Comes Home to Stay

“During what we folks around here call ‘Parma Junk Days’, my mom and I were out picking through the piles on the curbs when we spotted this nice desk,” says Kammy of Kammy’s Korner.  It was solid wood and very heavy, but the pair managed to load it up and take it home.


Kammy’s initial instict with this desk was to paint it with homemade chalkpaint, but that didn’t work out the way she hoped.  Plan B evolved when she spotted a sample container of paint in the mistint section that was only 50 cents and just the shade of red she’d envisioned for the desk.  She used it to paint the desk, but outlined the drawers in white.  Another fun detail Kammy added was stenciling the drawer pulls with numbers.  What a fun transformation!


Visit Kammy’s Korner to find out more about this desk rescue.

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