Old Belts Become New Handles

At Cupcakes and Crinoline, Mary Beth still liked this seagrass basket.  The only problem with it was that the handles had broken, so it wasn’t very easy to carry anymore.  A solution to her problem came when she saw her stash of old belts.


With three growing boys at her house, Mary Beth has a number of old leather belts that are outgrown or unusable.  She realized that if she could attach some of these to the seagrass basket, they would make great handles!  Mary Beth used Gorilla Glue to attach the belts onto the basket.  Don’t they look cool?


Go to Cupcakes and Crinoline to learn more about this project.


  1. Gorilla Glue! Great idea!

  2. That’s a neat trick! Belts are very useful and they make pretty good handles here

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