Now Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….if you’ve lived in a builder-grade home, you’ve probably seen your fair share of these boring, frameless mirrors.  Sara from Thrifty Treasures figured out a way to make hers look good enough to go over the fireplace mantel!


To dress up her mirror, Sara cut a thin piece of plywood to fit the mirror, and cut a large oval in the center of the plywood.  She glued the wood to the front of the mirror.  She added raised details to the corners with glacage.  After the glacage dried, Sara painted the wood white and lightly distressed it.  You’d never guess it was the same mirror!


Get more details on this project at Thrifty Treasures.


  1. Life is brimming with minor irritations too little to be worth altering however sufficiently enormous to bring about disturbance. A mirror that doesn’t legitimately mirror your picture all the time doubtlessly fits into that classification.

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