Instead of Reupholstering, Consider Painting

Recently, Cristina from Remodelando la Casa encountered an interesting situation.  An store in her area was closing, and was giving away office chairs for free!  She went over and picked up two  sturdy, upholstered chairs.  They were in great shape, but they weren’t exactly her style.


When you get something for free, it’s like an invitation to try things you’d never dare try with stuff it took hard earned cash to buy.  Since they were too dark for the space where she wanted to use them, Cristina decided to try painting them–upholstery and all!  She covered both chairs with two coats of homemade chalk paint.  The upholstery got two coats of white, and the wood got two coats of a simple greige.  The paint completely changed the look of these chairs!


If you click over to Remodelando la Casa, Cristina answers quite a few questions about the process and outcome of painting upholstery.

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