Faux Vintage Crate from the Scrap Pile

I’m always amazed by the things people figure out to do with their scrap wood.  That may be the reason my garage is overflowing with small pieces of wood!  But this nifty project from Johnnie at Saved By Love Creations is further proof that scraps can come in very handy.


Johnnie used her wood scraps to build a wooden crate that looks like something she hauled home from an antique shop or estate sale.  She nailed together various pieces of scrap lumber to create a small box.  She added chicken wire for an added rustic touch.  For visual interest, she stenciled a crown on the side of the crate.  Now, the faux vintage crate holds ferns on her porch–isn’t it lovely?


Go to Saved By Love Creations to get instructions for building your own scrap wood crate.

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