Just in Time for Spring: Eggshell Tealights

If you aren’t composting, eggshells are probably something that you throw in the trash without thinking.  Well, start saving them, because Angie from Little Inspiration has come up with an adorable use for eggshells that you will want to try this spring.


To make a pretty, spring centerpiece from her broken eggs, Angie started saving the shells each time she cracked an egg in the kitchen.  She dipped her broken eggshells into dye to turn them pretty colors.  (Angie mentions that you can dye your eggs before you crack them, too.)  Her eggshells were just the right size for simple tea lights to fit inside.  Angie placed the egg candles in an open egg carton, which serves the purpose of keeping the candles upright and looking seriously cute.


Go over to Little Inspiration to get more details on how to make your own eggshell candles.

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