Antlers, Pallets, and a Picture Frame

At her blog, Roubinek Reality, Jamie admits that she had antlers in her house before they were cool.  Married to a hunter, “I fought it for a long time and had rules about where they could be hung and how many. But recently, his antler collection he’s had in the garage has started to grow on me,” she explains.


Jamie decided to put her own spin on a set of antlers.  She grabbed some pallet wood that she had on hand and used it to make a canvas.  Jamie spray painted the antlers white, and attached them to the front of her pallet wood canvas.  The finishing touch was hanging a burlap covered canvas beneath the antlers, with a picture of her little girl pinned to it.  It’s a fun and interesting addition to Jamie’s gallery wall.


Get all the details on this project by visiting Roubinek Reality.

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