Forgotten Ladder Gets a New Purpose

“I think it’s a fair assumption that I am not the first person to have a pile of potential projects in the garage because ‘I’ll get to it this weekend’,” says Brittany at Whimsy Renee.  While looking for a project with a quick turnaround, she found this ladder–an antique find she’d completely forgotten about–in her own garage.


The ladder had been painted turquoise at some point in it’s past, but Brittany decided it needed to be lighter.  She gave it a single coat of Martha Stewart’s Salt Glaze, a pale shade of blue.  Once dried, she brought the ladder indoors to serve as a place to hang blankets in her living room.  “This is a much better storage solution for our blankets than just draping them over the top of the couch,” Brittany explains.


Visit Whimsy Renee to find out more about this project.

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3 thoughts on “Forgotten Ladder Gets a New Purpose

  1. I have an old bunkbed ladder that I keep in my sewing area. I hang pretty fabric over the rungs, or fabric that I’m considering for a project. I like the vertical display!

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