Pretty Yarn Wrapped Vases

Katie from View from the Fridge had a great idea for upcycling her glass soda bottles.  “Better than throwing them in the overflowing recycling bin, right?” Katie asks with a laugh.

empty glass soda bottles

Her brilliant idea was to turn her old glass bottles into pretty yarn-wrapped vases.  This was a simple project.  Along with the vases, she just needed two coordinating colors of yarn.  Katie chose yarn in shades of aqua blue and raspberry pink.  She wrapped the yarn around the bottles, sometimes switching colors for a striped effect.  The vases are the perfect addition to her winter mantel.

yarn wrapped soda bottle vases

Find out more about this cute upcycling project at View from the Fridge.


  1. These are so pretty. With different colors of yarn the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait until spring!

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