Love Letters: Book Page Wreath

At Restoration Redoux, Shanna has made wreaths from book pages before.  This time, however, she decided to make one of them in a heart shape, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Restoration Redoux cardboard heart form

Shanna needed a form for this wreath, so she cut a heart shape piece of cardboard from a cereal box.  She had a vintage book that she wasn’t planning on reading that she pulled the pages out of.  Each page was rolled diagonally and sealed with glue before Shanna glued it to the cardboard heart.  In the center of the wreath, Shanna repurposed the top of a gift box that looked like a vintage valentine and put it there.  With a ribbon on the back, the wreath was ready for display.  Isn’t it pretty?

Restoration Redoux book page heart wreath

Visit Restoration Redoux for full instructions on making this wreath from book pages.

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