Genuine Barn Window Makes a Lovely Mirror

“I picked up an old window beside the road last spring, as I was driving my son to preschool on trash collection day,” Nina tells us at Everyday Enchanting. “It was propped up against the mailbox in front of an antique colonial farmhouse. Of course I had to pull over!”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window

Before she pulled away with her find, Nina realized that the window actually came from a barn being renovated on the property,  weathered gray barn wood and all.  Back at home,  she decided it needed to be an antique-style mirror. “I replaced the panes and transformed the glass with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint,” Nina explains.  “The mirror has found a home in my foyer with my spring decorations.”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window mirror panes

Visit Everyday Enchanting to find out how Nina turned the glass panes of this vintage window into mirrors.

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