Using Salvaged Wood To Get a Vintage Look

Over at Crafts By Amanda, Amanda shares an adorable sign that she made herself.  She was able to get the look of a vintage sign–like somthing you’d find at an antique shop–by selecting the right piece of salvaged wood for the base of the sign.

Crafts By Amanda salvaged wood plank

“Making something look vintage or distressed really isn’t that hard, but starting with the right surface can make all the difference in the world,” Amanda explains.  For this project, she selected a plank that had a lot of raised grains, which she knew would show up and really look great when it was distressed.  Next, she layered a couple of colors of craft paint onto the board.  When the paint was dry, she transferred the outline of the letters she wanted on her sign, and painted over them.  After the paint had dried completely, Amanda went over the sign with a sanding block, making the paint job fade and in some places disappear completely for a naturally distressed finish.  Now, Amanda has a sign in her kitchen that could easily pass for a flea market or antique store find.

Crafts By Amanda faux vintage egg sign

Visit Crafts By Amanda to learn more about this faux vintage sign.

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